Pool Schedule

Effective September 6, 2022

fall 2022 pool schedule

Why lifejackets & inflatables are not allowed in the Pool:

  • Life jackets provide a false sense of security by allowing a non-swimmer to enter an area that is too deep causing panic and possibly disaster.
  • Without the flotation device(s) the attending adult will stay with the child.
  • Inflatable devices are easily punctured or torn by teeth, fingernails and foreign objects.
  • A non-swimmer would have a difficult, if not hazardous, situation attempting to regain buoyancy in deep water after slipping off, or out of, the flotation device(s).
  • Places a burden on the lifeguard, distracting from his/her guarding duties, to inspect and make sure that all straps and other devices are secure on the person entering the water.
  • Should the flotation device(s) fail, the courts would place the liability on the guard, and/or in our case, the municipality for allowing the use of these devices.
  • If one individual is allowed a flotation device, then everyone must be permitted to use one, and not everyone has "approved" equipment.